The Concept of PA (Predictive Analytics)

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Predictive Analytics. 

Conceptually speaking, if you have a general idea of what the final (projected) score of a game might be, in advance, then you're supposed to prosper on said game or games. The same basic premise holds true with a horse race. Meaning, if the horse with the best projection gets a 'clean trip' it should (in theory) Win!

Why Harness???

The three best reasons as to 'why' one should wager on harness more than Thoroughbreds:

1. The 44-inch variable known as a sulky, can actually be your friend. 

2. As far as I'm concerned, the overall IQ's of harness drivers over jockeys has a huge gap and trust me when I say that, thinking like a driver is 5x easier than trying to predict what a jockey might do!!!

3. Additionally, the standard definition of a professional horseplayer is the ability to pick 22% Top Pick winners. Well, my Horse-PSM (Predictive Scoring Model) hits nearly 60% on a month-by-month basis and it's mostly done through harness races. 

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