Easy Added Residual Income Through Sports Betting

Winning at sports betting, can be as easy as it is with the ponies if you have an understanding of forecastable regression.  The same basic methodologies which I apply to picking 57% Winners with regard to horse betting, are applied to sports betting. But, there's quite the added bonus with sports betting: only two entities instead of 8 or 9, makes it a lot easier to find winning selections. 

Below is merely a template that you save to your desktop. If you know how to lookup scores and type, you WILL Win a lot more of your sports bets!!! The cost is a measly $99.99 and will last you the rest of your days on planet Earth.

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The game for 02/05/2019 is the Lakers @ Pacers, and it can be found in the slideshow below. Enjoy the Winning! My NBA-PSM has the Lakers winning by a comfortable 7-points on a (-2.5) line. Time Stamped in the lower right corner @ 3:10EST. 

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CBB/NBA-PSM Template


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For the same $99.99, I can do the brainwork for ya and send you daily screenshot findings of 1 to 3 plays per night (NBA or College).