Harness the Winning!

As you might have noticed from the homepage, my Father was a harness trainer/driver - and taught me a theoretical ton about the game! 

I personally, have worked for numerous Hall of Fame trainers from my time working as a groom or even a 2nd trainer, from when I was in my early to mid 20's. Additionally (and through the use of watching thousands of race replays and live racing), I've developed an uncanny ability to spot horses which are simply too sore (or lame) to win!

My Horse-PSM is my oldest and most reliable. It's 10-year anniversary was on November 22nd, 2018. I'm proud to say that the standard definition of a professional horseplayer is the ability to connect on 2 out of every 9 races (with Top Picks). That's right, a mere 22% is considered to be professional and my Horse-PSM typically hits well over 57% at all times!!!

In closing, I plan on showing a 'Race of the Day' starting on 12/20/2018. So, make sure to start coming back then, if you're a lover of harness racing. 



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