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Welcome to the First Day of the Rest of Your Betting Life

JTPA is an acronym which stands for the following: Joseph Tuttle Predictive Analytics. 

I am literally one of the founding Fathers of Predictive Modeling for Sports and/or Horse betting future results forecasting; with the intent of making monetary gains on said models.

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About Me

My background

My name is Joseph James Tuttle. I'm the proud author of twenty-seven paperback books which sell all over and their affiliate sites. 

I began my life as a professional horse and/or sports bettor at the tender age of twenty-six. The year was 1996, and my initial bankroll was less than 5K.

My Father/Hero was a harness trainer & driver, for the better part of my youth he taught me everything I know today about betting the ponies - and was without a doubt the first real 'Sharpie' that I knew of.

A lot of my Father's teachings can be found in my handicapping - or by simply reading any of my published works on horse betting.  

My Support Team


My support team consists of myself and my beautiful wife. All questions or concerns should be directed to my primary email at: Serious inquiries about becoming a regular paying client, should be directed to my cell and we'll have a 15 to 20 minutes consult. 954.304.2464

I'm literally available nearly 24/7 and I love having my brain picked. So, don't be shy! And remember, I'm here to guide you - so there are no 'stupid' questions.

Additionally, I try to treat everyone the same, regardless of one's means to wager. The way I see it: You, are putting your trust in me and I take that very seriously - and ALWAYS have!

My Winning Philosophy

I believe in sportsmanship first. The sport is the game, and we are all in it together.  The same selections that I bet for myself are the ones you'll be receiving. 

Although I still (to this day) take a horsemanship approach to my handicapping, the mathematician in me trumps all. My Horse-PSM is foundationally based in the realm of MRT (Mean Reversion Techniques). 

In closing, I feel it's incumbent upon me to stress the dangers and pitfalls that can come along with this type of investing, if, you're not willing to follow my lead on occasion and make the occasional hedge bet - you will lose!



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Betting on sports and/or horses does involve a level of risk. We here at do NOT take on any liabilities or responsibilities with regard to any/all possible and/or future monetary loses. We reveal projections to our clientele, and as such, these projections are not always accurate enough to prosper. Furthermore, if you're not of legal age or reside in a State whereby the transfer of this unique data is deemed illegal, the onus rests on the purchaser and no individual(s) associated with this site. All information is for entertainment purposes only and All Sales are Final - for you ARE NOT purchasing a tangible item from us. Finally, any subversive behavior towards the company and/or the given selections, will be deemed as reason enough for a dissolving of any partnership(s) or clientship(s). 

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